Water Heater Repair & New Water Heater Installation

We understand the water heater in your home is an important member of the family! Don’t believe me? Just let it start leaking or worse yet, get in the shower to find the HEAT missing out of the Water HEATer. Cold showers are proverbial things NOT literal things we as Americans appreciate. Revolutionary Kindness Plumbing is a locally owned business that sympathizes with the need for hot water when and where it is needed and expected. We specialize in water heater repair and water heater replacement.

Water Heater Repair Complaints We Address:

  • I have no hot water

  • My hot water is cloudy or rust colored

  • My hot water steam smells bad

  • My water heater makes cracking and popping noises when it is heating

  • I run out of hot water too quickly

  • Water is running out of my water heater onto the floor

  • My pilot light went out

  • It takes too long for hot water to get to my faucet or shower

  • Water is coming out of the tube running down the outside of my water heater

Plumbers Fix water Heater

Pilot Light Out?

In our wonderful Rocky Mountain Front Range, high winds are not uncommon. If you find yourself without hot water when it should be readily available, the pilot light may have been snuffed out by a swift down draft of wind. If you are uncomfortable following the directions to reignite the pilot on the front of your water heater, Revolutionary Kindness Plumbing is available to restore the HEAT in Water HEATer by reigniting your gas water heater’s pilot light.

Does it take too long for hot water to reach your shower or faucet?

Your water heater may supply you with all the hot water your family needs on any given day, but do you have to wait for what seems like forever for hot water to get to the shower or faucet you have turned on? A hot water recirculation system may be the answer to your water wasted and time spent frustration. Revolutionary Kindness Plumbing has the ability to make hot water delivery nearly instant. With hot water circulating through the system during high demand times of the day, as soon as a hot water valve is opened hot water is what you get.

***If you smell natural gas near your gas fired water heater, call your plumber or gas company to determine the source of the smell immediately. You should never smell natural gas in your utility room. This can be an indication of serious problems which can cause injury or death.

We will troubleshoot and discuss water heater repair possibilities or water heater replacement needs. Keep in mind that it may be more cost effective to replace an older unit with a new water heater. Putting money into parts to keep it heating may not extend its life enough to justify the expense. This decision is yours to make, and we will make every effort to objectively advise and inform you with no hidden agenda. We always want what is best for you.

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