Traditional Sump Pump Repair

Sump pumps move ground water or fresh water that has escaped its usual containment such as a leaky water heater or burst pipe inside the home’s basement. Sump pumps can also be situated outside the foundation wall and pump groundwater that makes its way into the perimeter drain system up and away from the foundation.

If this pump fails it could cause water to build up in a basement or crawl space. There are many reasons a sump pump mail fail including:

  • Old and worn out

  • Improperly installed

  • Power failure

  • Frozen or clogged discharge pipe

  • Pump working too hard

Sump Pump Repairs

Be sure to check your sump pump regularly to avoid these common problems that could create a potential for flooding.

Lift Station or Ejector Pump Repair

A Lift Station or Ejector Pump is a specialized sump pump that grinds and pumps waste up to the level of the sewer line or sometimes to the level of a private septic system leach field to get the water and other materials out of the basement of your home.

When this type of pump fails, the basement drainage system will behave as though it is clogged. Some systems are equipped with alarms that will notify the resident of an impending problem.

The well-trained, honest plumbers at Revolutionary Kindness Plumbing can diagnose and repair both types of pumps. We will also advise you when it’s necessary to replace rather than repair your existing sump pump. When you’re looking for sump pump repair in Colorado Springs, give Revolutionary Kindness Plumbing a call. Our personal commitment is to always offer honest, quality, and conscientious service. Let us show you what Revolutionary Kindness looks like while solving your plumbing issue.

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