High water usage leads to high water bills, particularly in Colorado Springs where water is expensive.

Sometimes the municipal water provider will notify a homeowner of higher than normal water consumption before you realize there is a problem. They then recommend you have a plumber come to the home and find the source of the leak.

One of the most frequent places water is wasted unknowingly is in the toilet tank.

Leaking Toilet Tank

With a leaking toilet tank, water will get past the flush valve seal, into the bowl and disappear down the drain. Something to pay attention to is the “phantom” flush/refill of the toilet tank. This indicates the water level in the tank is dropping, therefore the float on the fill valve drops, too, causing the valve to open and refill the tank to its full state.

When you hear dripping or experience phantom toilet tank fills, it’s time to call a plumber.

Loose Toilet

When you sit down on your toilet does it feel stable and secure? Do you hear a squishing sound? Both of these problems need to be addressed by a plumber.

Leaks around the wax ring can occur when the toilet is not secured tightly or if it is not sitting on the wax ring properly. This kind of leak is dangerous as it may let “black water,” or sewage waste, leak underneath your floor creating a toxic situation.

If this kind of problem is not addressed early, it can lead to very expensive repairs involving the replacement of flooring, subfloors, and more. If your bathroom constantly smells like a sewer even when it hasn’t been used recently, you should call a plumber to check for leaks.

Signs of a Leaky Toilet

External Toilet Leaks

There are also seals, gaskets and bolts that deteriorate over time that will cause external toilet leaks. Sometimes there may be a hairline crack causing the leak as well. We have the ability to diagnose and repair these issues.

Often in older toilets, the seal between the tank and the toilet base can fail, causing a small leak behind the toilet. Always check for water on the floor around and behind the toilet, and pay particular attention to the baseboards behind the toilet. Signs of water damage there should be addressed immediately to prevent more costly damage.

We can also help you decide if investing in the old porcelain throne or upgrading it is the best option. It’s important to call a plumber as soon as possible when you have a toilet leak. The water damage it can cause to flooring, baseboards, and walls can be quite extensive. 

Toilet leaks on upper floors in your home can run through the floor and into the ceiling and walls below. If hazardous blackwater finds its way outside of the toilet and sewer pipes, a mitigation company may be needed to clean and sanitize the affected areas, which might involve multiple rooms and floors..

When you’re in need of toilet repair in Colorado Springs, call Revolutionary Kindness Plumbing. Our highly-trained, honest plumbers will assess your toilet leak and recommend the best course of action to keep your bathroom functioning properly. Our personal commitment is to always offer honest, quality, and conscientious service. Let us show you what Revolutionary Kindness looks like while solving your plumbing issue.

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